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19-Oct-2017 09:24

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“Eva first met Ben during the early stages of casting in L. back in January, but when they reunited in New York, it was as if they were a couple,” said an insider.“They have a lot in com­mon – they’re both from Texas, they’re close in age, they’re hardworking and driven, and they’re both gorgeous.I enjoy hearing the matchmakers though they could cut down on their “pre date” talks, the analysis is interesting and sets this apart.Where I’d make the biggest change is sitting down with the guys and having them decide the bottom, I feel like there’s too much wiggle room for production to create drama, tension and send home someone the bachelor is still not ready to have leave by putting 3 of the top girls in the bottom.He's in Dallas and I'm in Houston—it may sound like it's close, but we really tried to honor our contracts with NBC and not see each other beyond what they planned for us.During the times that we did see each other, it was in secret.I am also imagining the world’s most awkward lap dance on this date.It’s times like this Penny Farthing and I really need to dust off our shrubbery outfits and get into action!

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It was only like a month ago that we decided to break it off.

But right now I'm so focused on my ring line and my book, so I'm not jumping back out there.

When Giulio submitted a copy to the board of the first paper he produced based at least in part on the samples we provided, titled, "Mechanical Characterization of Linen Fibers: The Turin Shroud Dating," the Board of Directors reviewed it and made a series of comments and recommendations to improve the paper and make it more accurate. (Read the entire comment here) [Editor's Note: A third paper by Giulio Fanti was published more recently, after the above statement had already been drafted by the Board.… continue reading »

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