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Public interest has tended to focus on the risks and implications associated with the computerised processing of personal data and some countries have chosen to enact statutes which deal exclusively with computers and computer-supported activities.

Other countries have preferred a more general approach to privacy protection issues irrespective of the particular data processing technology involved. The remedies under discussion are principally safeguards for the individual which will prevent an invasion of privacy in the classical sense, i.e.

Restrictions on these flows could cause serious disruption in important sectors of the economy, such as banking and insurance.

It draws attention to key issues that have emerged in the discussion of the Guidelines and spells out the reasons for the choice of particular solutions.

It concludes with a list of the main problems encountered by the Expert Group in its work. The first contains comments on certain general features of the Guidelines, the second detailed comments on individual paragraphs. The 1970s may be described as a period of intensified investigative and legislative activities concerning the protection of privacy with respect to the collection and use of personal data.

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