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24-Jan-2018 21:02


In a grisly, detailed confession, Danny James Heinrich has confessed to murdering 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, the Minnesota boy missing since 1989 in one of the nation’s highest profile cases, Fox News says.

Heinrich now stands accused of child pornography charges but has not been charged in connection with Wetterling’s death.

However, authorities named him as a person of interest in Wetterling’s disappearance last year, said WCCO. “I also want to say one huge shout out to Jared…” she said.

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In a lengthy profile on Heinrich, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune detailed Heinrich’s troubled upbringing as well as authorities’ efforts to investigate him in both the Wetterling and Scheierl cases at the time; despite conducting surveillance and searching his father’s farm, they did not have enough evidence to proceed back then, the Star-Tribune said. In 2015, the center posted a picture of Jacob on a horse on Facebook and wrote, “We have learned a lot about hope in 26 years. It is our hope that the light reaches the hearts of those who may have specific information about recent developments and encourages them to bring their information forward to law enforcement.Wetterling’s mother, Patty, texted multiple Minnesota news outlets on September 3 that her son’s remains had been found. He took Jacob to a field next to a row of trees, by a gravel pit, where he assaulted him.” Heinrich said Jacob by shooting him in the head after telling the boy to turn around when he heard a police car, according to the television station.