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Sara decided to pursue an advanced degree from University of California, Berkeley. While in graduate school, Sara started a work-study position at the San Francisco Coroner's office.She chose to stay on and worked her way up to a CSI Level 2.(Committed) In high school, Sara preferred to befriend teachers over students and often ate alone in the library.Her physics teacher inspired her interest in science.

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Sara was born in Tomales Bay, an hour and a half outside of San Francisco.She worried that she might have inherited a tendency to violent behavior and asked Grissom if he thinks there is a "murder gene." Grissom told her he doesn't think violent behavior is inherited.After her father's murder, Sara became "the girl whose father was stabbed to death by her mother." On one performance evaluation, Grissom gave her an outstanding rating, but said she needed to improve her ability to prioritize.She married her former colleague Gil Grissom (although she retained her maiden name) and left the Crime Lab to join a research team in Costa Rica. She maintained a long-distance relationship with Grissom, until they broke up in season thirteen.

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Sara left the job for the first time at season eight episode seven ("Goodbye & Good Luck"), but returned to the lab at the start of season ten and worked with the team under D. They reunited and get back together in the series finale.She graduated as valedictorian at age sixteen, having aced all of her exams.

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