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All online model polls are to some degree vulnerable to *abuse*.(The definition of the word "abuse" even varies per website.Those videos were still however could be improved because the guy blocks the view or that her mouth is covered when she's deep moaning/screaming in the video.They never make her the center of performance and cameras on her, unblocked. Like I said before though, if they ever split, and she stays single, you will see some amazing things. She's stunning buuut tayloooor swwwwiffft s assssssssss is commmmminnnnnnng I think the husband will not like her doing hardcore videos with all these other big porn companies.And maybe in a year or two she will branch out to doing a lot more provocative stuff. The quality of the adultcontentxxx pics is much better than the cupivi photos.Worth the extra money, if you are highly into Natalia and always wanted explicit spread shots from her.

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This girl will continue to be in top 3 for some time, I think, despite the occasional drop in rank.But I still very enjoyed those films and hope them keep coming frequently.