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With more than 17 million media files available and guaranteed Creative Commons, this is a great place to find quality images (though many strike me as nonprofessional).

Flickr: With a wealth of images and a simple advanced search for CC images, Flickr is a go-to for tapping into millions of images. Public Domain Photo supplies a range of images, though I'd argue the search function is a bit inaccurate and the quality of images is not high.

Niche Photography uk: Images are location-specific and free and easy to download; the photographer asks for a link as credit.

Chelsea Blacker, head of client delivery at digital marketing agency Blue Glass UK, put together the following list of websites that provide free images for commercial business use, which means an image is available through a Creative Commons license or is royalty-free.

(For more on what those terms mean and to learn about restrictions on commercial use, check out the bottom of this post.) Some sites supply only Creative Commons or royalty-free images, while other sites offer a mix of images, some free for commercial use, some not.

You can search for CC images specifically permitted for commercial use with the tick of a box.

Free Media Minimal selection, very few themes. Deviant Art: This site is full of stunning images; the community creating and curating the site enjoys fantasy, role play, , etc.

I wouldn't say there are a ton of options on this site, but everything I have seen is of good quality.

Unfortunately, I'd argue that the quality of these stock images is the same as what I'd take on a holiday.

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