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20-Dec-2017 20:37

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If both spouses will live their lives in accordance with the Lord's will, then these priesthood blessings will enhance their marriage in ways not otherwise possible.(See Teachings About the Family home page) Members who ignore the counsel of Church leaders on this issue are not punished or ostracized by the Church or its membership.Their nonmember spouse often resents them attending Church meetings, paying tithing, accepting callings, and keeping Church Standards (e.g., Sabbath worship) Finally, it should be mentioned that some Latter-day Saints date nonmembers with no intent of forming a serious lasting relationship.Unfortunately, despite their intentions, they sometimes fall in love with nonmembers and find themselves emotionally chained and unable to end the relationship.

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Some might feel justified in such circumstances in making an exception to the rule and marrying a nonmember but, justification or not, it is important to recognize that the hazards in such a marriage would remain.

After all, we usually fall in love with those we date.