Senior citizen dating stories

14-Jul-2017 08:37

I don't have too many memories of my sisters, but I do remember how much my oldest sister loved Usher.

She was 13 and she'd sing along to his music on the radio in our room.

I was so angry about being there that I wasn't even excited to see my sisters.

My mother and grandmother and I landed in Tel Aviv, which was as hot and dusty as I remembered.

I was four-months-old when our father died — he worked at a gas station and was shot during a robbery.

After that, the four of us moved into the basement apartment of my mom's mother's house, where my sisters and I shared a room. She was rebellious and loved pop music and makeup, which my grandmother and mother couldn't stand.

She bought a poster of him, shirtless, and pinned it to the wall next to our bed. My grandmother saw the poster one day and ripped it off the wall. My mom said they were "going on a trip" to Palestine, but even as a 6-year-old, I'd heard rumors about a diary entry.

She was screaming at my sister, and my sister yelled right back — she was feisty! Something about my sister kissing a boy behind a tree, or writing that she wanted to.We were raised Muslim, and while my mom didn't make us wear hijabs — headscarves — to school, we did when we went to mosque on the high holidays.

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