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06-Jan-2018 17:24

What I’ve personally done is buy a PS4 Slim, and keep my PS4 Phat on firmware 4.05 (it is now collecting dust until a hack surfaces publicly).

Nothing’s been announced or hinted at for these firmwares at the moment.

In other words, if a downgrade was possible on your PS4, you would actually not need it.

For more details on the latest status of PS4 Jailbreaks, check our PS4 Jailbreak page.

I was honestly thinking something would have leaked by now.

Nevertheless, keeping your PS4 on 4.05 or lower is your best bet at the moment.

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Once again, we need to warn people against scammy websites that promise a 4.07 PS4 Jailbreak: typically these sites will ask you to fill a survey in order to download the “Jailbreak”.

Note that this doesn’t mean you will be able to hack them right away (see the “4.05 or below” section above)There is no known technique to downgrade a PS4.

Technically, if a downgrade was doable nowadays on a given firmware, it would pretty much imply kernel access, meaning the console would be hackable anyway.

So far in 2017, PS4 Jailbreaks have been confirmed to work up to firmware 4.05 included.

However, nothing has been publicly released for 4firmwares.

It became the first handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its primary storage media.