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06-Aug-2017 00:25

Please pleae mother please dont make me wear them, please mom ill be perfect from now on ill bring my gardes up and stop teasing jenny, please please mom just dont make me.

I'll help you around the house and do every thing you ask, I'll get a hair cut I'll do it I promise, just please mom please dont make me.

Next she made him pucker his lips and apllied lip gloss, it was clear but had a bit of pinkish shade, this made his little naturally pouty lips appear very angelic and more noticable.

She then picked up comb and parted his hair in the middle,thenblow dryed it and fluffed it as she did to a more femine texture, she then sprayed his hair with just a bit of hair spray for hold and shine, finishing thisd she sprizts his neck with a touch of loves baby soft cologne she had borrowed from jennys room.

Justin had been such a hand full scince she had divoreced his father four years ago.

First he had gotten cauthed shop lifting with those boys he was hanging out with, worrying her to death then he refused to keep his apperance neat and she got numerous calls from his teacher about his grades, then it was the constant teasing and bullying of his sister jenny ,if she didnt do somting now it would only get worst, she pulled her car into the parking lot and headed for her first stop the buttons and bows childerens clothes shop.

He then heard his mother car pul into the drive way he looked out the window and saw her unloading alot of bags and boxes.

AS she came into his bedroom she told him to undress and go into the bathroom and she would be right in.

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Justin felt his world was about to end ,he began to beg his mother and sob uncontrolablly.

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