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They don't quite understand the steps that need to happen to get from seeing a girl they like, to inviting her out for a date, to taking it further; but "letting it just happen" hasn't been working out for them so well.

Lots of guys have one or two things they're doing that's killing the attraction women would naturally feel for them - being overly apologetic or nervous body language - and we can fix almost all of those over the course of the weekend. I got talking to this beautiful girl one night in Sydney who complained that too many guys just didn't have the balls to come and say hi, or talked themselves out of doing it because they assumed her male friends or brothers were her boyfriend.

), the pint-sized pick-up artist says it's all quite simple really.

The best way to approach a woman is this: just say "hi".

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Sure, some will, but many girls are just as shy as guys, and it's a common error to mistake a girl's shyness for unfriendliness.

Telling a girl you've only just met that you think she's awesome is a little creepy - telling her once you've got to know her a little better, and she's said some awesome things is much better. If you want a stunningly beautiful and intelligent girlfriend, then getting proficient at flirting with girls who you're not attracted to and aren't that bright isn't all that useful to you. Is the art of flirting something natural, or can it be learned? A while back I met a New York stylist, J, who enlightened me about the New Female Rules.

A large part of how attractive you are to girls is how comfortable and relaxed you seem around them - so start seeking out and spending time with the type of women you want. While I was a tad surprised by her stringent dating routine (which by the way seemed to be working like a charm), I decided to try it out like a new fad diet.

Is the guy desperate and jumps all over the first sign of interest she shows?

Is he a bit awkward and doesn't really understand hints she's dropping?"Don't show off, go easy on compliments and be wary of 'pretty girls'." That's the sentiment expressed by author Alec Greven, author of The New York Times bestselling book titled, "How To Talk To Girls".

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