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Once the idea planted itself in my stubborn head, I could not think about it without raging nervousness and borderline paranoia. It was going to take years to grow back my hair so if the look did not suit me, there was no going back.My beauty would be lost and without it, my confidence would probably be shattered.: Below is an updated photo where I got my pixie cut seriously trimmed at a fabulous hair salon in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2013.I first cut my hair in February 2012 and can’t imagine going back to long hair now or perhaps ever.Even when I had my hair pulled back, I was always aware of it and it would always get in the way especially during inversions. I actually feel more feminine, more confident, more beautiful, more stylish and sexier. So if there are attachments in your life that have more than worn out their welcome, and about which you are doing nothing for the sake of routine or time or comfort, then I want to encourage you to infuse your life with a lot of excitement by doing something gutsy that has been weighing on you for a while.So please ditch the comfort zone, the bad relationship, the stale friendship or the wrong job.When love punches us in the gut, it’s easy to become terrified about going for a second round. Just use these 5 simple strategies and you’ll be amazed by what happens next…Profiles are, instead, an optimized version of ourselves, equipped with the photos and information that are most likely to receive the highest volume of inbound engagement.

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After signing up with the relevant information about yourself and what you’re looking for, Sapio serves up other users nearby with a photo-focused profile.

So tending my resignation was one of the easiest things I did. I remember pacing the cafeteria floors for my manager who happened to be late only 40 minutes.

I remember recounting my speech and breathing to control the nervousness and yet no force of nature was going to stop me from doing the right thing. Even though the moment I decided to do it, it was a done deal, I still felt some healthy paranoia in the days ahead.

I had not once considered cutting my hair that short in my adult life. I used to believe that I could never again turn another man’s head if I wore a super short cut – and yes, that matters even to a happily married woman for completely unrelated reasons than you might think. They were long, beautiful, healthy, and lovely and on most days, they behaved rather well. And unlike many stories I have heard, I did not shed one single tear yet! As if Audrey Hepburn alone is not enough reason to call me to action ….

Obviously, I had really no compelling reason at all to cut my hair. And yet I got an urge from that Audrey poster that could not be silenced by any force. she most certainly is but alas, I found even stronger reasons.

The stories of The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook and The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook were written by Ayu Sakata from sakevisual.

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